How to Tie a Bow Tie

Looking to take your style to the next level? A bow tie can help—figuring out how to tie it can be a problem. But there’s no need to fret. We’ve got you covered. In fact, in just a few simple steps you’ll be well on your way to looking your best.

Step 1: Choose your bow tie and then, get in front of a mirror.
Step 2: Before you begin, adjust the strap to your collar size using the measurements on the back.
Step 3: Turn up your collar. Drape the tie around your neck and turn the collar down again. Do up your top button and make sure the two ends of the tie hang evenly.
Step 4: Pass the right end over the left, and under to form a basic knot. Try to make this fairly tight. Then, fold the right hand end into a bow shape, with the narrow part in the center directly over your buttons. Pass the loose end over the center of the bow.
Step 5: You will now have formed a loop between the base knot and the front of the bow. Tuck the middle of the loose end behind and through the loop. Grab it with your fingers and pull the knot tight.
Step 6: Tweak the bow to achieve the desired shape. Insert your index fingers into the loops of the tie and pull outwards. This will smooth creases and tighten the knot. The tie should be quite high on the collar, covering the collar button. It should be an even shape, and the underside should sit flush with the ends of the front bow.