How to Iron Table Linens

You’re looking to bring your best to the table. With a few tricks and a can of Faultless, you’ll be surprised at just how good your linens will look.

Getting Started

You can use either Faultless Heavy or Regular Spray Starch. It all depends on the fiber content and stiffness desired. Magic® Sizing is extremely effective on fabrics with a high polyester content.

Master the Napkin Fold

Use Faultless Heavy or Regular Spray Starch for the extra body required to transform your napkin into an imaginative shape.

Freshen Up Your Tablecloth

Start by doubling your tablecloth. Spray and iron a section at a time. Turn it over and repeat the process. To avoid a center crease, shift the fabric to one side, spray and iron, but don’t crease.

Use your table linens infrequently? Save the ironing until you’re ready to use them so they’ll be fresh.

Make Your Placemats Pristine

Everyday placemats look perky and fresh when starched with Faultless. The fabric will repel soil and will wash clean more easily.