How to Iron Different Fabrics

Fabrics are fickle. Each one requires a different kind of care and ironing technique. So, for the sake of your time and of course, your clothing, we’ve compiled a handy-dandy list of everyday fabrics and the tips you’ll need to make them look their best. Enjoy. And happy ironing.



Acetate Avoid the burn. Use a low temperature, no steam and iron inside of the item while it is damp.
Corduroy Place it on a plush white towel and iron inside out. You can even use your hand to smooth the fabric.
Cotton Press while damp, use a high temperature setting and of course, don’t forget Faultless for stubborn wrinkles.
Lace Make sure to use a cloth between the fabric and the iron.
Linen Turn your items inside out before you iron. Use Faultless to help sharpen up any collars and cuffs.
Polyester Set the temperature to low or medium heat, make sure the fabric is slightly damp and iron from the top down.
Rayon Set the temperature to low heat and iron inside out. Avoid stretching out your garment by ironing in smaller portions.
Satin Turn the fabric inside out, make sure that the fabric is damp and avoid steam. It’s as simple as that.
Silk Turn the fabric inside out, set the temperature to the lowest setting and don’t use any steam.
Wool Use a damp cloth between iron and fabric. Iron on a low heat and use steam.
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