How to Fold a Dress Shirt

Whether you’re taking a business trip or simply trying to maximize room in your closet, there’s a right and wrong way to fold a dress shirt. Follow these five simple steps to keep your shirts crisp and wrinkle free.

1. Fasten all of the buttons on your shirt and lay it facedown on a flat surface.

2. Pinch the fabric at the top of the shirt between the collar and the shoulder. Do the same a the bottom of the shirt in the same spot.

3. Grasp the shoulder of the shirt. Fold the whole section over so it rests beneath the collar. Then, fold the sleeve back on itself so it lies down in line with the folded portion.

4. Grab the corners at the bottom of your shirt and fold them up to the middle. Repeat the process again until the fabric is lying underneath the collar.

5. Make sure when you pack your shirt or store it, you keep the collar free from extra pressure or weight that could wrinkle it.